Education Questions

Michael Gove answers MPs' questions on primary school places, special schools, youth services and playing fields.

Michael Gove Speech on Strikes and Pensions

Tomorrow, the Chancellor will deliver his Autumn Statement. It will contain a series of measures to get our economy moving in the right direction and help people - especially young people - get working. 

Michael Gove speech at Cambridge University

In 1879 William Gladstone gave one of his more memorable speeches. In the course of his oration he invoked Pericles, Virgil and Dryden, he poured scorn on Disraeli’s doctrine of Imperium et Libertas, he discussed the merits of the Andrassy Note and the Treaty of San Stefano and he outlined six principles of Liberal foreign policy - specifically a limit on legislation and public expenditure at home to conserve the nation’s strength, the preservation of peace, the maintenance of a balance of power in Europe, the avoidance of needless entanglements, the acknowledgement of the equal rights of all nations and a positive bias in favour of those people fighting for freedom.

Education Questions

Michael Gove answers MPs questions on a range of issues including the English Baccalaureate, University Technical Colleges and the future of Music education in schools.

New schools

Michael Gove outlines the next steps in his school reform programme to the House of Commons.

Michael Gove's speech to the Durand Academy

Michael Gove makes a speech at the Durand Academy in Stockwell, South London where he hails the successes of Durand and goes on to talk about the need to restore discipline in our schools nationally and the making of an 'educational underclass'.

Parliamentary debate on public disorder

Michael Gove winds up the emergency debate on public disorder. He tells the House that Britain will defend cherished values of hard work, self-discipline, aspiration, respectability and respect for others.

School Funding Reform

Michael Gove sets out Government plans to reform capital investment and schools revenue funding to ensure that education funding is better targeted, fairer and less bureaucratic.

School Closures (Thursday)

Michael Gove makes a statement on the school closures on Thursday and answers MPs' questions.

Michael Gove's speech to The Policy Exchange on Free Schools

As a nation, we are blessed with some of the best schools in the world. But at the same time, we also have too many that are still struggling. There are hundreds of primaries where the majority of children fail to reach an acceptable level in English and maths. Primaries where the majority of children leave ill-equipped to face the challenges ahead.