Education Questions

Michael Gove answers MPs questions on a range of issues including the English Baccalaureate, University Technical Colleges and the future of Music education in schools.

New schools

Michael Gove outlines the next steps in his school reform programme to the House of Commons.

My View: Michael Gove writes for The Sun

Any child's bedroom tells a story of love. The cherished Harry Potter book in one corner, the football strip in another. The gifts we give our children reflect our love for them and their own passions. But of all these gifts, none is so precious as our time.

Superfast Broadband for Surrey

Surrey Strategic Partnership are about to submit a bid for funding from Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK). BDUK are the Government’s delivery vehicle for helping to roll out Broadband across Britain. Surrey Strategic Partnership will be matching the funding they receive and their ambition is to provide universal infrastructure to rival the best in Europe by the end of 2013 across the County.

Made by Britain

'Made By Britain' has been developed as a collaboration between the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, and the 1851 Royal Commission: an organisation with a long and distinguished career in supporting British industry.

Andrew Marr Show

As the first 24 free schools open, Michael Gove answers questions about the policy. | BBC Andrew Marr Show

Michael Gove's speech to the Durand Academy

Michael Gove makes a speech at the Durand Academy in Stockwell, South London where he hails the successes of Durand and goes on to talk about the need to restore discipline in our schools nationally and the making of an 'educational underclass'.

Parliamentary debate on public disorder

Michael Gove winds up the emergency debate on public disorder. He tells the House that Britain will defend cherished values of hard work, self-discipline, aspiration, respectability and respect for others.

School Funding Reform

Michael Gove sets out Government plans to reform capital investment and schools revenue funding to ensure that education funding is better targeted, fairer and less bureaucratic.