My View: Michael Gove writes for The Sun

Any child's bedroom tells a story of love. The cherished Harry Potter book in one corner, the football strip in another.

The gifts we give our children reflect our love for them and their own passions.

But of all these gifts, none is so precious as our time.

We all want our children to get on, to enjoy opportunities we've never had, to be well and happy throughout their lives.

The best way to guarantee that is to invest time with them, to support and encourage them in their interests.

Whether it's playing football with them in the park or chatting over the dinner table, there's no better coach or firmer friend than Mum and Dad.

Tough economic times across the globe mean the pressures on all of us are greater.

They also mean our children need to be better prepared than ever if they are to get on the right courses and into the right jobs. Our children are working harder than ever in the classroom. And we're lucky the teachers in our schools are the best generation ever.

But other countries are improving their education systems even faster. And in the last ten years we've dropped down the education league tables, from 4th in the world for science to 16th, 7th for reading to 25th and 8th for maths to 28th.

We can reverse that slide. And the Government are acting, by paying more to get the best people into teaching, making sure discipline is better, opening new schools with smaller class sizes and investing in early action to get every child reading fluently.

But to make the most of every child's talents, we all need to work together. That is why The Sun's campaign is so important.

I am a huge admirer of The Sun and I want to work with the paper to get every child learning and every parent helping to their utmost.

As a parent, I know I have to play my part. Reading with my children after school. Checking homework. Taking them to battlefields, castles and museums. Getting to know how modern maths is taught so I can help them through problems. Getting behind them when they are playing football. And asking the teacher what other, practical steps I can take to help them.

If all of us pledge to do everything we can to help our children be all they can be then, together, we will guarantee that they can live their dreams and England becomes the best-educated nation in the world.

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