Michael Gove views Fairoaks Airport from the air

Michael Gove toured Fairoaks Airport on Friday. He met representatives from several businesses operating on the site, which are dependent upon the airfield’s continued existence, before taking to the air in a small plane. Many local residents have expressed to Michael their alarm that the site is threatened with large-scale redevelopment, and are worried about the impact on Chobham and other neighbouring villages

Michael said:

“It was a great pleasure to meet everyone at Fairoaks, and to listen to their reactions and concerns about the potential loss of their airport. It’s a hive of enterprise. I am hugely grateful that I was given the opportunity to view the airport from on high, which was a truly remarkable and beautiful sight, and it certainly put the large scale of the redevelopment proposals into perspective. I shall continue to campaign to say 'No' to the proposed redevelopment here.”