Michael Gove MP fights for Camberley to feature on new M3 gantry signs

On 13 September, Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath, wrote to the Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport, to underline his concerns about the decision not to include Camberley on the new overhead gantry signs at Junctions 3 and 4 of the M3.

Michael had written to the Highways Agency earlier this summer to point out that Camberley had been omitted from the new overhead signs, and asked for Camberley to be added to them urgently, especially in light of Camberley’s Expo, which took place on 13 September.

Highways England responded that Camberley was not considered ‘a primary destination’, and is thus signposted on verge-mounted signs on both East and West-bound carriageways, as was the case before the M3’s widening.

Highways England states that at this stage there are no plans to modify the current signposting to include Camberley, as it believes it would not offer value for money for the taxpayer.

Michael regards the omission of Camberley on the overhead gantry signs as startling, especially as Enterprise M3 has designated it as a ‘Step-up’ town with opportunities for future growth, viewing it as an area having latent economic potential.

Michael Gove said:

‘I am disappointed that Camberley was excluded from the new overhead gantry signs on the M3. I have asked the Transport Secretary to discover who was responsible for deciding that ‘Camberley is not a primary destination’, and I have also urged him to reconsider the decision by Highways England to leave the new gantry signs as they are.’