Michael Gove meets Highways England to discuss noise and pollution from the M3

Last Friday, 22 June, MP for Surrey Heath, Michael Gove, met representatives from Highways England in Windlesham to view the replacement trees and bushes along the M3 motorway.

Further to his meeting with Highways England last Summer, Michael wrote this February to the Chief Executive, Jim O’Sullivan, to follow-up the discussion about the re-planting of suitable trees and faster-growing plants to replace those lost during the works to expand the M3.

Michael received a response confirming that the re-planting had been completed, and he arranged a meeting with Highways England on 22 June to inspect the new trees and bushes.

Michael and representatives from Highways England were joined by local Councillors, Conrad Sturt and Mike Goodman, and also by Graham Bullen, Chairman of the Windlesham Society.

Continuing concerns about noise and pollution emanating from the M3 were discussed, and Highways England agreed to investigate the situation; to analyse data on noise and pollution before and after the works on the M3; to outline the measures it has already taken, and possible measures for the future. It will share its findings in due course.

Michael said:

It was very helpful to view the new planting and to discuss local concerns with Highways England, and I look forward to hearing further from them about current levels of noise and pollution from the M3.