Michael Gove deeply concerned by Fairoaks proposals

Last week, Surrey Heath MP, Michael Gove, attended Fairoaks Garden Village Limited’s public exhibition at Fairoaks Airport to learn more about the proposals for a 1,000 homes.

Fairoaks Garden Village Limited (FVGL) submitted its planning application to both Runnymede and Surrey Heath Borough Councils in July 2018, and held this exhibition last week to provide the public with additional information relating to certain aspects of its proposals - such as the phasing of the development, and changes in the level of accommodation for the elderly. Further details can be found on the following website: www.fairoaksgardenvillage.co.uk

Michael commented:

“I visited the public exhibition to take a closer look at the proposals, and I remain deeply concerned about these plans, and do not believe that they are the right future for Fairoaks.”