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Gove backing Camberley football club 24-Jan-2011


Michael Gove opens £7.5m new college wing 17-Sep-2010
MP condemns 'unacceptable' tactics of clamping 13-Aug-2010
Clamping fines in Frimley cut by almost 5-Aug-2010
Rethink on cuts to school bus 11-Feb-2010
MP voices opposition to Camberley 11-Feb-2010
New status 'to protect drilling threat farmland' 14-Jan-2010


MPs' support for community hospitals 11-Dec-2009
Parties in boxing club rent row cannot be 25-Nov-2009
Level crossing complaints reach rail company 19-Nov-2009
Date set for crunch meeting on Tongham oil 12-Nov-2009
'Learn from starvation death', MP Gove 29-Oct-2009
Decison on oil drilling at Tongham is 03-Sep-2009
Camberley legion veterans fight to save their 81-year-old 16-Jul-2009
MP supports way to remove controversy from 11-Jun-2009
Housing benefit concern adds to Big Fish 06-Apr-2009
Parents consider setting up a new secondary 01-Apr-2009
Bank counter planned to replace Nationwide 18-Mar-2009


Just 1,700 homes for Deepcut site? 15-Dec-2008
Report promised in light of Hillside campaign is 15-Dec-2008
Bisley on target for 2012 17-Sep-2008
MP slams Bisley Olympics 24-Jul-2008
MP slams staff cuts at railway stationsSurrey Hants Star: 26-Jun-2008
More drug offences detected by policeCamberley News and Mail: 09-May-2008
Police authority appeal over budget cap threatCamberley News and Mail: 22-Apr-2008
MP's fears over 999 response unit moveCamberley News and Mail: 04-Apr-2008
MPs back an open book on expensesWoking News and Mail: 03-Apr-2008
Mutiny on the buses?Surrey Hants Star: 03-Apr-2008
MP seeks housing answersCamberley News and Mail: 27-Mar-2008
Airport chiefs to look for increase in cap on flightsCamberley News and Mail: 27-Mar-2008
Noise barriers come but trees and bushes goCamberley News and Mail: 27-Mar-2008
Tory MPs clash over airport decisionCamberley News and Mail: 18-Mar-2008
MP to discuss Deepcut futureSurrey Hants Star: 14-Mar-2008
SWT bows to car park fee pressureCamberley News and Mail: 18-Feb-2008
An apology and promise that Hillside will be savedCamberley News and Mail: 15-Feb-2008
Emotions run high as Hillside savedCamberley News and Mail: 08-Feb-2008
Pensioners take Hillside fight to ombudsmanSurrey Advertiser: 05-Feb-2008
Deepcut 'closure' announcement expectedSurrey Advertiser: 07-Jan-2008


Apology after taps dry up for 17 hoursCamberley News and Mail: 30-Nov-2007
Agency gets to work on the schemes to beat floodingChobham News & Mail: 01-Nov-2007
Deepcut is 'safe for 7 years'Camberley News and Mail: 31-Oct-2007
MP backs sorting office campaignCamberley News and Mail: 19-Oct-2007
Academy 'central to terror battle'Camberley News and Mail: 10-Oct-2007
MP slams idea of pupils' DIY work markingSurrey Hants Star: 20-Sep-2007
Confusion over fate of police stationCamberley News & Mail: 13-Sep-2007
CAB survey highlights worries over fuel billsAsh & Farnham Mail: 11-Sep-2007
MP backs Save Our Westy campaignAldershot News & Mail: 21-Aug-2007
'Spirit of village will die if the post office is closed'Chobham News & Mail: 16-Aug-2007
Post office crisis: Half could be closedCamberley News and Mail: 07-Aug-2007
Violent crime has doubled in six yearsby David Lindsell of the Camberley News & Mail: 03-Aug-2007
MP hits out at tactics over 'fare dodgers'Chobham News & Mail: 28-Jun-2007
Saved from axe: Library welcomes bookwormsCamberley News and Mail: 01-Jun-2007
Sports centre reopens soonSurrey Hants Star: 31-May-2007
Three out of four councillors are now ToriesCamberley News & Mail: 11-May-2007
MP calls for help with flood defenceCamberley News & Mail: 04-May-2007
Trust's consultation is delayed yet againWoking News and Mail: 03-May-2007
Teenage pregnancy rate 'cause for concern'Camberley News & Mail: 13-Apr-2007
Late night licence will not be problem, says councilCamberley News & Mail: 29-Mar-2007
Ministry defends road safety barrier rejectionCamberley News & Mail: 29-Mar-2007
'Cut speed' call on death roadChobham News & Mail: 22-Mar-2007
'Not enough time' for post office consultationCamberley News & Mail: 01-Mar-2007
Mixed reaction to MPs' glass ban proposalsAldershot News and Mail: 20-Feb-2007
Rescue bid for sports centreSurrey Hants Star: 15-Feb-2007
MPs fight to save Surrey A&E unitsSurrey Hants Star: 15-Feb-2007
New bid to save sports centreby Nicola Hudson of the Camberley News and Mail: 12-Feb-2007
Mark of excellenceSurrey Hants Star: 08-Feb-2007
MP's weekend flights concernby Alex Hamilton of the Camberley News & Mail: 05-Feb-2007
Plans to end flood problemsby Lindsey Eudo-Mitchell of the Aldershot News and Mail: 30-Jan-2007
All parties protest NHS reformsSurrey Hants Star: 18-Jan-2007
Will extra weekend flights be allowed?by Pete Castle of the Camberley News & Mail: 18-Jan-2007
Anti-mast campaign celebrates victoryCamberley News & Mail: 11-Jan-2007
Meeting aims to solve hospital parking problemsCamberley News & Mail: 08-Jan-2007
Deepcut future still unclearby Rebecca Chard of the Camberley News & Mail: 08-Jan-2007


Fears grow on surgery closureby Shane Brock of the Woking News & Mail: 28-Dec-2006
New delay on talks into future of St Peter's HospitalChobham News & Mail: 28-Dec-2006
Lunatic drivers ignore one-waySurrey Hants Star: 28-Dec-2006
Bungalow pair face the bootSurrey Hants Star: 28-Dec-2006
The battle to save our post officesby Nicola Hudson of the Camberley News & Mail: 21-Dec-2006
My words were misinterpreted says homes row MPCamberley News & Mail: 19-Dec-2006
Patients' fears over mental health cutsby Alex Hamilton of the Camberley News and Mail: 11-Dec-2006
Is it finally peace for people living near the M3?by Andrew Milford of the Camberley News and Mail: 04-Dec-2006
MP calls for affordable homes to help communitiesChobham News & Mail: 30-Nov-2006
Councillors and MP unite to try to protect adult educationCamberley News and Mail: 16-Nov-2006
Bereaved mum takes breast cancer concerns to her MPCamberley News and Mail: 14-Nov-2006
Flights plan is foughtSurrey Hants Star: 19-Oct-2006
MP joins campaign for peace and quietby Nicola Hudson of the Camberley News and Mail: 19-Oct-2006
Hospitals 'good' despite A&E threatby Marcus Mabberley of the Camberley News and Mail: 17-Oct-2006
MP welcomes news that post office is saved in BagshotSurrey Heath Conservatives: 06-Oct-2006
Saved -- first the library, now the post officeby Rebecca Chard of the Camberley News and Mail: 02-Oct-2006
So will Frimley Park be closed? (pdf : 1.6M)by Marcus Mabberley of the Camberley News and Mail: 22-Sep-2006
MPs confident hospital can rise to its challenges (pdf : 807k)by Marcus Mabberley of the Camberley News and Mail: 21-Sep-2006
Holiday club forced to shutSurrey Hants Star: 21-Sep-2006
Fears over future of Frimley Park A&Eby Marcus Mabberley of the Camberley News and Mail: 14-Sep-2006
Deepcut housing concerns increaseby Nicola Hudson from Camberley News and Mail: 07-Sep-2006
MP fears Frimley Park could closeby Cliff Mogg from Surrey Hants Star: 01-Sep-2006
Cancer unit hopeSurrey Hants Star: 01-Sep-2006
MPs encouraged by A&E meeting with hospital bossby Andrew Milford from Camberley News and Mail: 17-Aug-2006
Parents behind new campaign to reduce speed limitsby Rebecca Chard from Camberley News and Mail: 17-Aug-2006