Superfast Broadband for Surrey

Michael Gove welcomed the rollout of superfast broadband connectivity across Surrey Heath. To date, the Government-funded Broadband Delivery UK programme has made superfast broadband available to 5,116 homes and businesses in Surrey Heath.

As part of the commitment to build a country that works for everyone, the Government is also introducing a “Broadband Universal Service Obligation” to give consumers the right to request fast, affordable broadband wherever they live and work. This will mean that by 2020 everyone can request a connection of at least 10Mbps - around half the speed of superfast, but still quick enough to download a half-hour TV show in two minutes.

In Surrey Heath, current superfast coverage (both funded by Government, and delivered commercially) is 97.6% (as reported on the website thinkbroadband (

Michael said:

"It is great to see superfast broadband becoming more available to homes and local businesses across the constituency. I recognise that there is still more to do to get superfast broadband to homes and businesses. If you have queries, I would urge any local residents who are not yet connected to contact Superfast Surrey ( The Superfast Surrey Broadband Programme is a jointly-funded programme between Surrey County Council, BT plc and Broadband Delivery UK to deploy fibre-based infrastructure to residents and businesses that have been excluded from any commercial rollouts. The Government has provided Surrey funding of £1.31 million for this to roll out broadband across Surrey, but the average take-up is only 45.1%, so there is still progress to be made."

Surrey Heath residents can check the availability of superfast broadband services for specific homes and businesses at, where you will be directed to available superfast broadband providers.