Step-free access at Ash Vale Station

Michael Gove is continuing to press for step-free access to be installed at Ash Vale Station, as the current access at the station is difficult for less-able people, such as the elderly, and completely impossible for those in a wheelchair. It is also problematic for parents with small children and pushchairs to manage several flights of steep stairs.

In November 2018, Michael supported South Western Railway’s nomination of Ash Vale station for the Access for All programme, which provides funding to improve accessibility at railway stations.

Regrettably, Michael was informed on 5 April 2019 that the funding bid for Ash Vale was unsuccessful. He wrote again on 18 April to the Transport Secretary to ask him to provide details of any other sources of funding.

Following the Transport Secretary’s reply (see attached below), Michael wrote to Network Rail to nominate Ash Vale station for the Access for All Mid-Tier Programme, and to also ask whether accessibility improvements can be made during any other planned project works.

In February 2020, Michael met the Chief Executive of Network Rail, Andrew Haines, and once again raised the need for step-free access at Ash Vale.

In June, Michael wrote to Chief Executive of Network Rail, Andrew Haines, the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, and to the Chair of Enterprise M3, Dave Axam, regarding opportunities to fund step-free access at Ash Vale. Attached below are the latest responses from Mr Haines and Mr Axam.


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Reply from Chris Grayling re Ash Vale station step free access 26 June.pdf 406.62 KB
Reply from Grant Shapps MP 14 August 2019.pdf 543.66 KB
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