Public access to MoD land

Michael has spoken to Councillors about the proposed changes to the byelaws affecting MoD land, and had an online meeting Cllr Paul Deach and Attieh Fard in late February 2020.

Furthermore, he has raised this with other nearby MPs who also have MoD land in their constituencies, and a joint meeting with the Secretary of State for Defence is due to take place in several weeks’ time.

Michael is aware that various areas of MoD land, such as the Ash Ranges, have been fenced off by the MoD, preventing the public gaining access. In April 2020, he wrote to the Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Jeremy Quin MP, and a copy of his reply is attached below.

Michael also held a meeting with the Minister on 15 May, and posted an update on Facebook, which you can find here.


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