New quiet tarmac for M3 Junctions 2-4a

Michael Gove met Windlesham Parish Councillor, Conrad Sturt, Graham Bullen of the Windlesham Society and Robert Goodwill, Minister of State for Transport, to discuss the widening of the M3 between junctions 2-4a. Mr Goodwill was delighted to report that all eight lanes of the M3 through Surrey Heath will now receive quiet-surface treatment during the smart motorway works.

Michael said: “I am absolutely thrilled that all M3 lanes between junctions 2-4a will now be resurfaced with the much longed-for quiet tarmac, substantially reducing the noise created by traffic. Windlesham Parish Council and the Windlesham Society have worked extremely hard highlighting the need for this wonder tarmac, and have achieved this marvelous outcome for all residents.”

Mr Goodwill said: “I’m grateful to Michael Gove, Mr Sturt and Mr Bullen. The Department will now work closely with the Highways Agency over the installation of the new road surface.”