Frimley Green Traffic Lights

Local residents are campaigning against the prospect of 4-way traffic lights being installed on the Green as a consequence of the significant housing development coming to Deepcut. They maintain that if traffic lights are installed the whole character of the village Green will be altered.

On 12 January 2018, Michael attended a meeting with residents and representatives from Surrey Heath Borough Council, when it was proposed that the County Council should be asked to consider alternative traffic-management solutions to the installation of traffic lights, which would be acceptable to all.

Michael wrote on 18 January to the Leader of Surrey County Council, Cllr David Hodge, to underline the strength of residents’ feelings, and to ask him to ensure that County officials arrange to meet residents and representatives from the Borough to explore alternatives.

Michael said:

It is vital to maintain the integrity of this common land, precious to so many Frimley Green residents.’