Esso pipeline

Esso is planning to replace 90km of its 105km underground aviation fuel pipeline that runs from Southampton to London. A large portion of the existing pipeline, and the proposed new route for the replacement pipeline, passes through Surrey Heath.

Esso has been consulting local residents, but they have raised significant concerns regarding the Turf Hill portion of the proposed pipeline in Lightwater.

Michael met local Councillors and concerned residents in August 2019, and wrote to Esso, the Planning Inspectorate, Surrey Heath Borough Council and Natural England to raise his constituents’ objections.

You can view Michael’s objection letter of 31 July 2019 to the Planning Inspectorate here.

In January 2020, Michael wrote again to Esso to ask if the proposed route for the pipeline can be changed following the Planning Inspectorate’s visit to the site. Following that, Michael discussed Esso's proposals with Affinity Water, as Esso wishes to use its easement in Turf Hill.

In March 2020, Michael met representatives of Natural England, and had a further meeting with the team at Esso.

Following those discussions, in April 2020 Michael chaired a Zoom meeting between residents, Councillors, Affinity Water, Natural England and Esso to ensure that all parties had the opportunity to hear the points of view of local residents.

On 8 April 2020, Michael made a further submission to the Planning Inspectorate to reiterate his concerns about the Turf Hill portion of the pipeline, and to also highlight the potential impact of Esso’s proposal on the Windlemere and St Catherine’s SANGs in Surrey Heath. You can read his submission in full here.