Better connections to Heathrow Airport

Not only do Surrey Heath residents use Heathrow for holidays and business travel, many actually work at the Airport too.

Better transport connections are desperately needed in order to reduce congestion along the M3, especially as the Airport wishes to expand.

Michael is backing calls for a new fast bus service from Surrey Heath to Heathrow Airport. He wrote to Heathrow and to the Department for Transport to express his support for both the Western Rail Link, which promises to reduce journey times from Camberley by half an hour, and the proposed Southern Rail Link. The responses are posted below.

In January 2020, Michael met the Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport, John Holland-Kaye, to press for a bus scheme from Surrey Heath to be adopted, and is awaiting an update.


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Reply from the Secretary of State for Transport 29 October 2019 430.18 KB
Reply from Heathrow Airport 24 October 2019 310.24 KB